Monday, April 16, 2012

SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND...hmm..not bad

yeah...i start watched this drama because of him,my bias from infinite.He acted as one of the eye candy's member.And unexpectedly he's good.I think he can be a good actor.Watching this drama make me love him more...I'm looking forward for his next drama or movie maybe(?)

At first i thought this drama is just using L to attract inspirite to watch it and the story is not that great,maybe the plot is just like dream high.But shockingly it's not.I like the story and all of the eye candy member's characters.This drama is not only about love,but also friendship.The bromance in this drama between hajin and kyungjong make me like it more...hehe.And watching this remind me of jongkey and G-ri..They are all cute...also the couples in this drama is just too cute...And also thanks to this blog for the videos and subs.All the episode is here..

He acted as byung hee in this drama and die in episode2.Haha...I'm like him after watched this drama.His character here is quite weird but i think cute too.So I'm just fall in love with him hehe...And i start to search others drama or movie he acted..Then i found out about 'CHILING ROMANCE'.I haven't watch it because still in the process of downloading.From the trailer,it seem like a funny movie and he look cute there...

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