Thursday, May 3, 2012

B.A.P got the POWER to melt


Ok i like warrior more.
But that doesn't mean i don't like or hate power...
My favourite part in power's MV is the spray-can dance break....wuhuuu...they look cool

Hah..this is one of the factor why i like kpop soooo.. much
Because usually most of them will have a new hair style when they make their come back...
Originally my bias is Daehyun, but then i realize, wow, jongup is cute too..(doesn't mean the others is not cute though)
So i think i might change my bias haha..
But that doesn't happen. Because i like Daehyun's hair in power....I think he look better then in warrior.
So Jongup next time ok.....(he's my second bias now in B.A.P). He look so innocent (i don't know if that what make me love him) like Thunder, MBLAQ. His hair style in power is not bad either... 
Hahahaha....Bang, Zelo, Himchan and Yongjae don't worry i like you all

p/s : Thunder is not my bias in MBLAQ.....end

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