Friday, February 24, 2012

In LOVE.......with SHINee

A-YO , is this an OBSESSION ?
Hello ! are there anyone out there feel like want to KISS KISS KISS them ?
oppa , i wish that you are actually my BODYGUARD so that you can always STAND BY ME

everyday i always hear your song and watch your MVs
i keep REPLAY it cause i think now YOU'RE LIKE OXYGEN to me
 keke..RING DING DONG will always being played in my head

jjong ahh...,
haha...i hope you can be the ROMEO and i'll be your JULIETTE
i wonder how long i'll be SHINEE GIRL in this SHINEE WORLD ?? ('s just my imagination lol...)
i'm doing a COUNTDOWN by myself ,waiting eagerly for their comeback
i wish they will sweetly whispering to me 'PLEASE DON'T GO' if i start to forget about them even for a second
haha....if they do so i'll stick with them cause their whisper is like a LUCIFER to me
for now i hope they will FLY HIGH and always be ONE forever
as their song FOREVER OR NEVER...~


  1. wah minat k-pop yer...
    iklan nuffnang tuh sume selamat jer..dont worry..
    semua blogger selalunya akan letak iklan nuffnang tuh...

    1. minat tahap giler2 la kot hehe...
      ape gunenye kte letak tu ha??