Wednesday, February 22, 2012


its soo acciting....
as soon as i knew about this i'm really happy and started to grinned
of course cause one of my favourite kpop idol will be feature in one of my favourite variety show!!
hrmm....sound nice rite??'s not just one or two member will be in the running man
it's all 5 of them!!
it's epic meh!!
i really miss them
i'm sure this because they're going to promote their latest song
haha...i really hope all subbers will sub this ep ASAP
all VIP is really looking foward for this ep rite??
i don't wanna miss this ep for sure
have to download it absolutely haha.....
i think i'm gonna watch it as soon after i finish downloading it,even not all part is finished
i also miss 'dumb and dumber'...
actualy recently i'm working on FO season 1
i know it's a bit late
and i started to like this show very much
it's a funny show!!
i'm always laughin alone in front of my laptop...keke...

big bang's latest mv called 'BLUE' is already comin out
big bang hwaiting!!

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