Wednesday, February 1, 2012


huh i'm so in love with shinee right now
it's all because of HELLO BABY ahh....

before that i only like onew(bcoz he's funny) and jonghyun(a little)
and i;m always wonder why many people like taemin and think that he's cute??(not really intrested with him cause he look quiet and not evet cute)
but then...
(after watching hello baby) i just realize all of them were so cute and funny
my bias now jonghyun and onew

haha....just after wathing ep12 when the other member made a surprise birthday party for jonghyun
the way he enter the room(where the birthday party is held)just make me melt
his smile when he realize the truth(about his birthday party) cute
jonghyun enter the room in suspicious cause he think the situation that time is too quiet then shock when the other member sing a birthday song for him and smile (that make me rewind that moment for...well i can't count it , can't help it just focus on his expression a.k.a his smile)